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WELCOME TO Kinetic Performance, LLC

Thank you for visiting our new website . Our mission is to continue to provide the highest quality muzzle-loader bullets on the market at any price. Accuracy, Precision, and reliable Terminal Performance are the name of the game and the BOMB (Ballistically Optimized Muzzle-Loading Bullet) series epitomizes those traits.

We strive to continually develop improved products and offer outstanding customer support. All new products will be posted with complete field test reports here on the blog when they are available in the store. You can also sign up for our e-mail list or keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for all your support and continued business.


Our Products

The Ballistically Optimized Muzzleloading Bullet is a custom made, swaged cup and core rifle bullet for high performance muzzleloaders. The Low Drag profile offers excellent flight characteristics while the flat base offers a great seal for consistent muzzle velocities. The B.O.M.B is made with a tapered jacket and pure lead core that allows for easy sizing and immediate obturation in the bore upon firing. It has an open tip design that allows for excellent on target performance with reliable expansion.

The Monotlithic Ballistically Optimized Muzzleloading Bullet is a custom bullet, precision turned from soft red copper on CNC Swiss lathes and incorporates Pergrine Bullets' patented pneumatic tip that ensures reliable expansion while the homogeneous copper design offers the ultimate in weight retention and penetration. The M.-B.O.M.B is softer than any other turned bullet on the market and does which eliminates annealing for sizing or precision. It is offered in flat base and boat-tail configurations for smooth and full form sizing.

Recommended Minimum Twists: 1-28" (300gn & 302gn) , 1-24" (344n)
Minimum Impact Velocity: 1600fps
Jacket Thickness(BOMB): .030" at base tapered to .021" at meplat

Ballistic Coefficient: The 300gn M-BOMB: .330 G1 at 3000fps, .310 G1 at 2500fps, .290 G1 at 2000fps, .240 G1 at 1150fps and below.

The 302gn BOMB: .350 G1 at 3000fps, .330 G1 at 2500fps, .310 G1 at 2000fps, .260 G1 at 1150 and below.

The 344gn BOMB: is .400 G1 at 3000fps, .380 at 2500fps, .360 at 2000fps, .300 G1 at 1150fps and below.


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